The Dark Roast

by Sean Lunsford

Arabica 1.1 and GitHub

So I haven’t done a whole lot of programming lately. I’ve been doing other stuff at work recently, and I hadn’t given any free time to it in a good while. But I’ve been wanting to dip my toes back in those waters again.

Last summer, I read up on git and GitHub, and set up a repository for Arabica, the theme for this site.[1] There were some updates I’d been wanting to make, and it seemed like an easy project to get my feet wet on. But then it sat, untouched on GitHub, for nine months. (So says my commit history.)

So this week, I sat down and spent a few hours staging commits, merging branches, figuring out how best to use repositories and branches on my test server and production server to edit code and then push it live. A really nice thing about using git is that I can keep a branch with my bespoke version for The Dark Roast, which is separate from the master branch intended for the public, and merge changes to the master into it.

Anyways, so I’ve now released version 1.1, with some of the features I’ve been wanting to add for a while. The big one is popover footnotes.[2] I’ve also added support for post images and for tag pages that include the tag name, description, and image.[3]

It feels good to code some again. I have some more updates on the agenda for Arabica, but I have greater aspirations for getting back into iOS development, this time making use of GitHub and all that version control has to offer.

  1. Update: It’s not anymore. ↩︎

  2. I’ve been seeing these increasingly on the sites I follow, and I really wanted to ship them on my own. It seems a lot of them use the same jQuery framework, which was easy enough to include in Arabica. Isn’t this so much better than the old way? ↩︎

  3. Ghost themes automatically support tag pages, but use the index template if no tag template exists, meaning they show a list of tagged posts, but otherwise look no different. ↩︎